Making money work.
For everyone.

We began with a scribble on Paul Allen’s whiteboard.

Paul Allen, an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, had a vision to create better money: He found it confounding that he, with his billions, would pay less to transfer money than the poorest amongst us. So, Jeff Kramer, Paul Allen’s technical advisor at the time, got to work with his colleagues at Vulcan and leading experts in banking, payments, and distributed systems and Transparent was born.

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Making money more equitable by making it more efficient and independent of any one financial institution. This is the driving force behind everything we do. We believe that by bringing more competition to a market dominated with just a few big players and by making the financial system more efficient, we can dramatically unlock possibilities for both businesses and the people they serve.


Keep what works best. Drop the rest.

Where others seek to bypass the current financial system, we bring together the best of what already exists and restructure it to make it more efficient. All while staying within current regulatory frameworks.

While others have taken a more radical approach, we embrace visionary pragmatism and partner with businesses and banks to move payments forward.

A vision of more efficient, transparent, and accurate payments for all is shared by many. However, it’s our approach that sets us apart.

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“We take mature, open-sourced software and build services and capabilities at a very low cost to our users with the confidence that they work.”

- Alex Fowler, CEO

Photograph of Jeff Kramer

“At the same time that we’re doing something revolutionary that puts the banks that want to innovate at the table.”

- Jeff Kramer, CTO


Your tech, finance,
and regulatory partners.

Based in Seattle, we’ve brought together top cryptographers and financial-system specialists with world-class software and hardware engineers to partner with banks and businesses to create innovative settlement solutions.




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“Blockchain technology is rooted in decades of advances in distributed systems and cryptography, and it's at the center of banking and financial innovation today. Based on Transparent's strategic partnerships and solution, we believe this investment represents an exciting opportunity and will provide tremendous value to the future of on-demand settlements.”

– Joey Krug, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Pantera Capital

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